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Los patinadores se inclina en concreto


Playing sports lowers stress levels and this is aprotection factorin the treatment of addiction (stress is directly related to an increased risk of relapse in the consumption of alcohol or other drugs). Sport also decreases the degree of anguish, aggressiveness, anger; It also improves group union, personal relationships and self-esteem. 

Image by Nguyen Hung


The training inMartial Artshas become the protagonist of our treatment. #JiuJitsu is a democratic art and a strategic sport. Everyone can practice it, regardless of age, sex, social class or profession.  The benefits for inmates are immense. 

  • Have discipline and organization in life. 

  • Develop patience and learn to get frustrated.

  • Exercise completely physically. 

  • Being part of something bigger. 

Entrenamiento CrossFit


The HIT is a sports activity consisting of un interval traininghigh intensity for a short period of time. Exercises are performed at high intensity that are combined with short breaks.

  • Improves heart and lung capacity.

  • The body consumes calories and burns body fat hours after training.

  • Promotes the increase in muscle mass.

Equipos de gimnasio


  • Free weight exercises are those that use an external element tobuild muscle and gain strength.That is, you do not need to resort to a specific machine in the gym, but to dumbbells, bars, weights or similar elements.

  • Work the force. 

  • Improves posture. 

  • Increase balance.

  • Adds greater joint mobility.

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